Industrial Engineer Position

Industrial Engineer Position
Industrial Engineer, sought by SeAH Steel USA LLC. in Houston, TX. Bachelor’s degree in engineer & 3 years of experience required. Please send CV & cover letter to HR, Tabitha Diaz at

The Industrial Engineer shall be able to manage production schedules estimating the delivery dates making sure the maximum efficiencies on each operation line are reached. The position will also need to be able to do cost-benefit analysis of different scenarios to be able to determine the best process with all the safety and quality guidelines. He/She will also be responsible for the inventory monthly reports and implementing new procedures to ensure its reliability.

1. Plan and establish a sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble parts or products and to promote efficient utilization
2. Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities
3. Estimate production costs, cost saving methods, and the effects of product design changes on expenditures for management review, action, and control.
4. Draft and design layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency using drafting tools and computer.
5. Coordinate and implement quality control objectives, activities, or procedures to resolve production problems, maximize product reliability, or minimize costs.
6. Develop and integrate systems for production lines with KPIs;
7. Improve inventory reliability by creating and implementing new procedures
8. Draft a monthly inventory report with all the goods generated.