Mission and Vision


At SeAH Steel USA, we encourage our employees to be successful. This supports our vision to continuously anticipate the needs of our customers while providing an excellent service, maintaining quality in our products, and maximizing the return for stakeholders.


We remain diligent in our pursuit of excellence in manufacturing and distributing OCTG and Line Pipe for the North American Oil and Gas market through a continuous improvement process, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Well Trained and Experienced Team

At SeAH Steel USA, our employees’ industry experience combined with our extensive on the job training ensure the highest degree of production quality, while achieving SSUSA’s mission, vision, and core values.

Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of SeAH Steel USA LLC to ensure a safe, healthful workplace for all its employees, contactors and visitors. Injury and illness losses from incidents are costly and preventable. SeAH aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety, and welfare of all workers, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations through adhering to require guidelines, training, risk assessment and auditing of the processes with continual improvement and analysis.


SeAH values humanity and contributes to enriching the lives of everyone by combining the right people, the right workplace, and the right products