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Developed at our integrated manufacturing facility, our OCTG products in different grades, and semi premium connections guarantee performance at the highest quality standards. OCTG As a leading API licensed producer of casing and tubing products, SeAH utilizes the most modern and sophisticated ERW welding, inspection, heat-treating and threading processes available today. Our processes are monitored by our custom API Q1 Program to assure consistency and high performance for downhole product applications. In addition to all API connections, SeAH is now licensed to provide threading of premium and semi-premium connections on tubulars when the downhole service becomes more critical. The companies licensed by SeAH are Metal One, GB Tubular, and HIS


Having a unique high capacity processing facility enables SeAH Steel USA to offer Third Party Services for customers where they can store, finish or rework their own products all in one place.  The services we provide to our valued customers are Storage, Heat Treatment, Hydrotesting, NDT Inspection (SEA, UT/WL, EMI), Threading, Brush & Coating and re-stenciling among others.

Produced Domestically

2.375 | 2.875 | 3.5 | 4.5 | 5.5 |6.625| 7

Imported Material

5.0 | 5.625 | 5.750 | 6.625 | 7.625 | 7.750 | 8.625 | 9.625 | 9.750 | 9.875 | 10.75 |11.750 | 11.875 | 13.375 | 13.625 | 16

Semi Premium Connections

Providing high performing and reliable solutions to ensure tight sealing and extreme compression resistance for today’s demanding Engineering on critical well designs. The companies licensed by SeAH are Metal One, GB Tubular, and HIS.