SeAH opens the Steel Pipe Technology R&D Center to lead the future growth of SeAH Steel

SeAH Steel recently completed its new Steel Pipe Technology R&D Center, the first among steel pipe manufactures in Korea, and held its opening ceremony on July 24, 2020.

The ceremony was attended by 104 people from in and outside the company including SeAH Steel Vice-chairman & CEO Whi-young Lee, Senior executive vice-president Joo-seong Lee, and Head of plant Seok-iI Kim, as well as SeAH Steel Holdings CEO Hyung-kun- Nam.

SeAH Steel plans to establish its business on a permanent footing by leading the research on steel pipe manufacturing technologies and new process technologies. In addition, we will build a global network in collaboration with research institutes at home and abroad and devote all our energy to improving customer value based on our product design and elementary technology.


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